Collaborations in sight & sound
Create + Explore is a conversation between mediums from visual to auditory, providing an intersectional platform for beat-makers and photographers to create and explore the power of artistic collaboration. Each project is created through a process of pairing a beatmaker and a photographer. The beatmaker creates original music and sends it off to the photographer as an impetus and inspiration to generating a pictorial exploration. This process links two of our most indelible sensory experiences through a photographic interpretation of original music.
While our collaboration series has evolved, we as a team have built an audience on the foundation of an insatiable taste for exploration and self-expression. We have surrounded ourselves with the world's leading influencers and creatives - creating a unique and driven incubator of talented storytellers. Our goal is to work with like-minded brands and individuals to create content that advocates telling your own narrative while showcasing the wonders of the world otherwise unseen by most.
Ta-ku might be the modern day renaissance man. Having risen to prominence as one of Australia’s most in-demand beatmakers, the Perth-based artist (real name Regan Matthews) has found himself curator of a rapidly expanding, multi-disciplinary creative empire. This insatiable drive to create is a personal one, this storytelling gene is key. Once reserved as currency for his music, Ta-ku now applies it to a diverse range of passion projects that encompass photography, design, business and fashion. Ta-ku’s reach and impact know no boundaries.
Michael Salisbury
Michael’s background is primarily in the tech industry, where he works as a Systems Engineer for one of the largest ad agencies in the world. Photography has been a hobby of his since high-school, but it’s only recently caught the public's eye. Now, he’s among some of the most talented street and architectural photographers in Chicago, having his work shown around the world.
Johnny Castle
Voted “Most Secretly Admired” at the peak of his social climb in 2010, Johnny was educated in the field of pointing cameras at things and slicing up digital information into moving pictures in ways that are pleasing to viewers. He prides himself on his reputation regarding his precision, swiftness, and cunning in the execution of photo and video projects and campaigns from concept to delivery. Do not google Johnny Castle.